The power of graphics


I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about graphics these days. Specifically when it comes to next-gen games like Watch Dogs. It kind of makes me wonder. When did everyone become so obsessed with graphics, and are graphics more important than gameplay?

On a console it would appear so, after all, some of the best selling games (GTA IV, the Arkham games, and others) have amazing graphics.

But on the other side of the coin you have the huge indie craze that is going on right now and some of those games look like they came from the NES or SNES era and still sell very well.

However, you also have some very good looking games like the new Thief reboot that we’re not incredibly well received on the basis of gameplay.

My personal opinion is that games don’t have to have the best graphics as long as they offer an experience that is unique and smooth. I believe Watch Dogs will excel in this area, But what do you think, and what about games in general? Are graphics more important than gameplay? Let me know in the comments. Ttyl.