Fallout 4 giveaway for St. Jude


Announcing the Fallout 4 Nuclear Survival Giveaway! This event is to benefit the Children of St Jude and all money donated is processed through their official donation page. This means that none of this money goes to me. I have some incredible prizes up for grabs but first let me explain how the giveaway works.


The event is running from Monday june 6th to Sunday June 12th although you can begin earning entries through donation starting now. I will he streaming Every night of the week from about 5pm to 10pm CST. The end time may vary depending on the stream.

Levels and prizes:


You get one entry for each $1 donation. At $500 total donated among all donors the prize is…Fallout 4 Pipboy edition for ps4!!! We are already starting at $220 so we only have $280 to go.

Important Disclaimers: It is important to note that for each prize level to be unlocked, the target donation amount must be reached. For example, we must reach $500 in total donations to unlock the pip boy edition. This is why its important to spread the word as much as possible. Also please note that this is my personal property I’m giving away to help a great cause. All items are mint condition but not in shrink rap. Also you don’t have to be following me to win, but you must be present for the final drawing on Sunday June 12th to win.

Why I’m doing this:

Cancer has touched the lives of many of my friends,extended family, and my sister is a seven time cancer survivor. One of my closest friends lost his wife to cancer and was left to raise three children alone. She was only 33. I vowed that I would do something, even it was only a small thing about this terrible disease. I can’t imagine what these kids go through, but I want to be there for them in some small way. Please help me make this dream come true. Give what u can, spread the word if you are able and Thank you.

Important links:

Twitch: http://www.twitch.TV/RabidGebil

Donation Page:




The power of graphics


I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about graphics these days. Specifically when it comes to next-gen games like Watch Dogs. It kind of makes me wonder. When did everyone become so obsessed with graphics, and are graphics more important than gameplay?

On a console it would appear so, after all, some of the best selling games (GTA IV, the Arkham games, and others) have amazing graphics.

But on the other side of the coin you have the huge indie craze that is going on right now and some of those games look like they came from the NES or SNES era and still sell very well.

However, you also have some very good looking games like the new Thief reboot that we’re not incredibly well received on the basis of gameplay.

My personal opinion is that games don’t have to have the best graphics as long as they offer an experience that is unique and smooth. I believe Watch Dogs will excel in this area, But what do you think, and what about games in general? Are graphics more important than gameplay? Let me know in the comments. Ttyl.

What kind of gamer are you?


What kind if gamer are you? Are you the kind that plays Candy Crush or Angry Birds while you wait in line at the grocery store? Maybe, or maybe your the kind of gamer who rejoices at the thought of getting together with other friends for an all night Halo or Call of Duty session.

Maybe you have been playing video games all your life and you look forward to each new release. Or maybe just maybe you learned to play games with your kids when they became much more accessible. (Wii bowlers, I’m looking at you)

I have been all of these at some point in my life, but the one thing that I have found is true is that I have a deep love for video games and for communicating my thoughts, feelings and emotions about games. Consider this an introduction to who I am and what I like to do. There, all finished.

Now I would like to hear from you. What kind of gamer are you? What are your favorite games? When did you start? I realize it may take awhile before people open up seeing as how I just got started, but in the meantime I will do my best to bring you news, reviews and tips that are relevant to you, no matter what type of gamer you are. Until next time check back at least once a week for new content and follow me on twitter if you want. Thanks for reading.



Was the Xbox one “always online” really such A big deal.

If anyone was paying attention at this years E3 it seemed that the battle between the consoles came down to the “Used games/ Always online” controversy. If course it did not help the Sony’s message was very clear and the Xbox camp was incredibly vague and generally confusing. However now that the dust has settled and the “used games” issue has been put to rest, I have to wonder about the second issue about the Xbox one being “always online”. I know that this issue is extremely important to those in the military and those who live in the middle of nowhere but the truth is, if you don’t have Internet you can’t make full use of many products. For example, owning an iPad without having Internet access leaves a-lot to be desired and Is virtually pointless. But what do you think? Do you agree with me or not? Let me know in the comments.

5 reasons you should play the new plants vs zombies 2(heavy spoilers)


Initial warning this post has a-lot of spoilers about the still unreleased plants vs zombies 2. Well unreleased in the U.S anyway. You have been warned!

5 reasons you should play plants vs zombies 2 (once it hits the U.S.)

#1 new plants

The new plants are awesome, especially with the updated graphics. The bloomer rang is great for dealing out damage multiple times. These are great for some of the tougher zombies the game throws at you.

The bonk Choy is a nice option for zombies that are flying or in those cases where zombies get past your defenses since they can punch backwards.

The snapdragon is also a good addition that covers a wide area with fire although not the heaviest damage dealer in the game.


#2 new zombies
The Ra zombie is probably one of the most annoying of the new enemies since it will steal your sun when you are distracted by other threats.

The camel zombies always come in threes and are very tough to take down. Bloomerang works really well on these.

The explorer zombie is the second most annoying zombie in the game since it literally walks through your defenses unless you can freeze it.


#3 new touch abilities

These abilities change the way the game is played since it marks the first time you can directly affect the zombies. You do need coins to buy them though. Of course you no longer need coins to buy new plants so it evens out.


#4 new interface

As mentioned before, you don’t have to save coins to buy new plants. This is because the way that the new interface is designed,all plants are unlocked by traveling to specific places on the map. This means you can save your coins to buy power ups. The design for each level is also very whimsical.



#5 free to play

Yes it’s absolutely free! I know this is not always a good thing ,but as you can see, pop cap decided to go with a system where you can buy things ahead of time but don’t really have to. Everything that is available can be unlocked in game.




Well, that’s all for now. Check back for the full review in a couple weeks and let me know what you liked most in the comments. Also please make sure to follow if you would like to receive my blogs regularly. Till next time.

Are games with “moral choices” dying out in the next generation?

The recent announcement of Fable Anniversary for the X-box 360 has gotten me pumped up to play one of my favorite types of games again. The type of game that incorporates the “moral choice” system where you can be good or evil and deal with the consequences/rewards for doing so. It also made me realize that the number of this type of game seems to be fading away.

My experience with this genre started, with Knights of The Old Republic back in 2003. This is the first time that I could remember a game that gave you rewards and consequences for playing your character a certain way. For those not familiar, I will give you a quick overview. While playing, you would be awarded light side points for being “good” (i.e. helping people, donating to beggars, not killing someone, ECT…) and dark side points for things that were considered evil. (Such as, stealing and killing innocents.) The more you stuck to the light, the easier it was to execute “good” force powers. The same was true for sticking to the Dark side as well. There were also rewards for committing “good or “bad” acts. Usually the Dark side options tended to give you more money.

Fable, was another game to follow in its footsteps. Then, it seemed that many other games also jumped on the bandwagon of “moral choice”. I think that many of us can still remember the first time that we decided not to “harvest” a “little sister” in the original Bio shock. Yet, how many of this type of games are coming to the next generation? Sure there are many great looking next gen titles like Sunset Overdrive, which looks to be very stylish, As well as other epic games like Titan Fall coming down the pike. Still, not many of the new games seem to involve the “moral choice” aspect. As far as I can remember the only titles that will include the option to choose how you want to play your character would be Watch Dogs and Infamous: Second son. There were actually many opinions of this year’s E3 being mostly about shooters, as far as the Triple A titles go. So, what do you think? Is the “moral choice” type of game really disappearing? Let me know in the comments and also I would be interested to hear about some of your experiences with this genre.