Are games with “moral choices” dying out in the next generation?

The recent announcement of Fable Anniversary for the X-box 360 has gotten me pumped up to play one of my favorite types of games again. The type of game that incorporates the “moral choice” system where you can be good or evil and deal with the consequences/rewards for doing so. It also made me realize that the number of this type of game seems to be fading away.

My experience with this genre started, with Knights of The Old Republic back in 2003. This is the first time that I could remember a game that gave you rewards and consequences for playing your character a certain way. For those not familiar, I will give you a quick overview. While playing, you would be awarded light side points for being “good” (i.e. helping people, donating to beggars, not killing someone, ECT…) and dark side points for things that were considered evil. (Such as, stealing and killing innocents.) The more you stuck to the light, the easier it was to execute “good” force powers. The same was true for sticking to the Dark side as well. There were also rewards for committing “good or “bad” acts. Usually the Dark side options tended to give you more money.

Fable, was another game to follow in its footsteps. Then, it seemed that many other games also jumped on the bandwagon of “moral choice”. I think that many of us can still remember the first time that we decided not to “harvest” a “little sister” in the original Bio shock. Yet, how many of this type of games are coming to the next generation? Sure there are many great looking next gen titles like Sunset Overdrive, which looks to be very stylish, As well as other epic games like Titan Fall coming down the pike. Still, not many of the new games seem to involve the “moral choice” aspect. As far as I can remember the only titles that will include the option to choose how you want to play your character would be Watch Dogs and Infamous: Second son. There were actually many opinions of this year’s E3 being mostly about shooters, as far as the Triple A titles go. So, what do you think? Is the “moral choice” type of game really disappearing? Let me know in the comments and also I would be interested to hear about some of your experiences with this genre.